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Niki Woehler, an Arizona-based artist, has opened her first gallery and studio for working art at 7056 E. Main Street. The gallery is located on the second floor of Hotel Phoenix, a boutique hotel in downtown Phoenix. I was one of the few selected artists invited to exhibit at the hotel dedicated to the visual arts of Downtown Phoenix, and visiting the gallery was a nice way to spend the evening. For the past four years, I have been a regular visitor to Niki's gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, and she also represents several galleries across the country. She has been showing her art in Phoenix for over a decade, and her entire collection of resin works sold out within hours of opening.

In many of the galleries in the neighborhood, you can find art that celebrates the West, and you can discover new artists and buy their art, which is represented by galleries, directly or you can refer to them directly or buy from them.

Find someone in Scottsdale who can be your eye and ear for what's happening in the city. If you have a work of art that you would like to sell or loan, I advise you to contact a pawnshop beforehand. They can offer pawnshops for art, and I like to buy the best art they have to offer.

If you're in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa or Scottsdale, visit the Scottingdale Loan Company, which makes sure you get the most money for your art. I have worked as a renowned appraiser in the town of Scotteddale for over a decade and have come to the conclusion that the purchase of art knows no bounds. Is something valuable being considered for sale, lending or - on - sale at the local pawn shops near you?

For navigation, the Art Gallery Guides above are a good starting point where you will find a wide selection of art galleries, museums, galleries and galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona. Art collectors, art travelers and artists will find them very useful. Be sure to check out the Scottingdale Art Guide, a great resource for all things art, available online all year round.

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (Skyspace) also exhibits works by artists such as David Turrell, Robert Rauschenberg, David Hockney and many others. This art gallery features a wide range of works by artists you'll find in the city, as well as some of Arizona's most popular artists.

The art is definitely captivating, and if you like an interactive art scene, you can put it on your list of activities in Scottsdale. One of the best and funniest ways to get to know Scottingdale is by joyride-a-kart. AZ, Joy Rides is a fun and informative way to not only get to the old town, but also enjoy the tranquility of the country.

You'll see some of the city's most famous public artworks in this 60-minute walk through the heart of Old Scottsdale. This guide will show you the history and history of Scottingdale's art and culture and share it with you.

Whether you're interested in buying or collecting art or just visiting galleries, the list below takes you through the many art galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona. This guide is designed to help you discover art in the art community you want to live, work, visit and visit. American Fine Art comes to you, including a rarely seen - Western - themed series that combines pop culture with pieces from Arizona's past. From works by Frank Lloyd Wright to works by Robert Rauschenberg, there is something for every art lover.

With the help of this map, we have created a self-guided tour of the Scottsdale Art District with the help of a map to offer you an experience in and around Scottingdale.

The Soleri Bridge connects the Scottsdale Waterfront with downtown Scottingdale, Arizona and the city of Phoenix. The bridge and plaza are bounded by the Arizona State University, University of Arizona campus and a large number of other buildings along the Scotts Arizona Riverfront, located on the Scotteddale Water Front on the west side.

The gallery is owned and operated by over 40 artists from Arizona who exhibit and sell their works daily at the gallery. One of the first artists to be brought to Arizona by this gallery was the late, great, and legendary Arizona artist John D. Clements Jr., and he is one of Arizona's most famous artists.

Hotchner brought high-profile artists to the city, including Spalding Gray, who was to rehearse new works in Scottsdale. When Udinotti opened his first gallery in Phoenix in the early 1990s, he enjoyed the discussion that came with every Thursday's Art Walk and the people who came to see the art in places like Hand of Spirit. Advocates is the executive director of Arizonans for Cultural Development and a board member of the Arizona Arts Council, the state's largest arts and cultural organization.

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