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As a family travel agent who spent my childhood in Scottsdale and then moved back to the southwestern city with my brood a few years ago, I am happy to share with you 23 best things you can do in and around Scottingdale, AZ as a child. I highlighted what I would recommend for a weekend in the Scotts Valley, and then suggested how you could put it together for your Scotteddale weekend tour. Based on my weekend in ScotTSdale here how I would arrange the proposed activities in or around ScotTSdale for our weekend getaway. If you have decided to hike in or near Scottersdale, you will have experience in no time.

The Heard Museum also has a small exhibition space in Scottsdale, Arizona, more details about the place can be found on its website. The attractions in and around Scottsdale are well known and busy, so give it a try! The tour gives you an insight into the history of the city, from the beginnings of Scottingdale to Wright State University. Located in downtown Scottersdale, the hotel is home to a variety of shops, restaurants and a performing arts center, the Scotteddale Civic Center Mall.

Nature and nature - Lovers of nature will be pleased to know that Scottsdale and Phoenix have many things to do with children, but there is no doubt that you will be pushed into vacation here without at least a little play. There are many good things you can do for children and teenagers with their parents and friends in and around Scottingdale, making it a great family holiday no matter what you like to do. Well located - in the heart of the city, just a short drive from the Phoenix Convention Center, there's plenty to do in Arizona's Scotts Valley with the fresh air. Even if you don't feel like going anywhere, there are plenty of activities on site, from hiking and cycling to hiking, biking, camping, fishing and more.

Save this list of the best things to do with your kids in Scottsdale, AZ. If you are planning a trip to Arizona, you should also read our advice on visiting the Grand Canyon with children and our guide to the best places in Arizona for children and teens to visit with their parents.

If you're ready to travel to Scottsdale to see a traveling Broadway production, look for Arizona plays at Broadway Theater in Peoria or Arizona Broadway Theater in Tempe. Sports - Activities in Scottingdale with kids in our list of the best sports events in Arizona for kids.

If you love nature and want to explore more of northern Arizona, add a few days in Flagstaff to your trip. Read more in our list of the best hiking trails in Scottsdale, Arizona for hikers and mountain bikers.

If you're only taking a day trip to Phoenix and Scottsdale, make sure you're heading to the Grand Canyon. The city has so much to do that it is worth a day - a trip on its own, and at the end of the day you can go back. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is only a 20-minute drive away, meaning you don't even have to drive to Phoenix to get to Flagstaff. Once you arrive in Scottingdale and take Route 66, drive down to Flagstaff for a few days. You can also drive to Tucson, Arizona, or even Phoenix if you want, but you can still get to the Grand Canyon in less than an hour.

Scottsdale is basically sunny all year round, and with 299 sunny days this year, the Phoenix - Scotts Valley area has forgotten this.

When it comes to recreation, family fun and nightlife, there are plenty of things to do to entertain guests of all ages all year round and be on vacation. Scottsdale, Phoenix and the surrounding area are full of activities, from golf courses to go-karts, roller coasters, bowling alleys, swimming pools, bike trails and more.

So there are so many things you can't do, but when you go to Scottsdale, we hope our Scotteddale route can help you figure out how to spend your 2 days in Scottingdale. Whether you're looking for a day trip, a weekend getaway or just a one-day vacation, our list of activities in and around ScotTSdale covers you. We # ve combined some of our favorite places - see places and eat at places we need to visit, even though we only have 2 hours travel time between us and our destination and we will combine them into a full-fledged guide.

Our trip to Scottsdale was partly sponsored by Experience Scottsdale, but as always, all opinions are our own.

The fact that the aquarium is located in the arid desert region of Scottsdale, Arizona, makes it even more attractive to tourists. While the Arizona sun can make walking through the old town insanely warm, this part of town is a great place to stay for the night based on our other adventures in Scottingdale and the surrounding desert. If you're just strolling through the old town during your Scotteddale getaway and shopping at the free shops we recommend, you'll miss out on a huge chunk of our ScotTSdale experience. Scottersdale Civic Center Mall is Arizona's largest shopping mall with over 1,000 shops, restaurants and shops.

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