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On November 25, 2012, I was on an extraordinary escape from the ordinary in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where I come from. It was a holiday tailored to the needs of me and my family with so many activities on site: hiking, camping, fishing, skiing and of course hiking.

If you want to escape the norm, you can escape to a resort that can be just as much a getaway as any other resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a guest at Scottsdale Arizona Wyndham Hotel in Scottingdale, Arizona, I was able to experience everything I could possibly want to.

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Take a look at all 54 Colorado Springs hotels that rated 4 out of 5 hotels on Tripadvisor. Springs' Dolce Resort was ranked 52nd and rated 4.5 on Check out all 53 hotels - rated in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, Utah and more - from last place. We see Dolce Resort Springs in Scottsdale, Arizona, ranked 53rd out of 54 hotels in Colorado Springs, or 5.7% of 113 hotels, and rated 3.6% on Tripadvisors.

It is not currently for sale, but offers public swimming programs offered by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Human Services and Colorado Springs Public Schools. The guide is also available to other groups that are not Colorado pre-K-12 schools, such as Cheyenne Mountain High School, which has an 80% TripExpert score based on publications such as TripAdvisor, and the National Association of Realtors' Hotels & Resorts Guide. It includes a list of top hotels in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, Utah and more.

The resort also offers amenities to enjoy the incredible desert landscape and amenities for families on vacation with families. Animation and party equipment can be rented all year round, and there is a full-service bar, restaurant, hair salon, fitness center, spa, gym, pool and gym.

The Travelodge is a great option for people traveling with their pets and offers a variety of pet-friendly accommodations, such as a pet spa, pet food and pet grooming. Other good options for pets include a dog bed, dog suit and dog box, as well as a cat bed and a box.

Harvey Suites Hotel at DFW Airport offers business travelers five meeting rooms with a large room capacity of up to 120 people. As part of the expansion, the company plans to offer an additional presidential suite that will give families even more space for their adventures in Arizona. The WorldMark suite offers all the amenities a family needs, including a fully equipped kitchen and access to the sought-after spa and fitness center.

Gardiner Properties and Wyndham Destinations have already worked together on the construction of the WorldMark Hotel and its sister hotel, the World Mark Hotel in New York City. Both world-class hotels in the Dallas - Fort Worth area offer a flexible vacation portfolio, and their owners love the fact that families can explore incredible attractions while spending more time together. WyNDhamDestinations also operates the world's largest hotel portfolio with more than 1,000 hotels and resorts in over 60 countries.

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