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For years, the Penske Auto Museum in North Scottsdale was the city's only game when it came to automobile museums. This fascinating museum, a hidden gem in downtown Phoenix, tells the story of when stagecoaches delivered mail and bandits placed bounties on their heads. The museum is owned by the City of Scottersdale and was originally run by a non-profit organization called Scottingdale Museum West from '97 to' 1980-96. House 4499Haus presents the history of the town from the beginnings of the railroad to the present day.

The museum has more than 1,000 artifacts, many of which are exhibited in its 12 exhibition galleries. It features artifacts from 19 states in the American West, including Arizona, as well as the history of the Arizona territory and Arizona.

The ASU Art Museum also operates the Ceramics Research Center, located on South Mill Avenue, where admission to both museum locations is free and opening hours are available. Whether you're interested in buying or collecting art or just visiting galleries, the list below will take you to the many art galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona. Visiting galleries is a nice way to spend an evening, and Arizona's museum collection is good, as are the exhibitions that highlight the state's rich culture. The galleries are located at the Arizona State University Museum of Art and the University of Arizona College of Arts and Sciences.

The Deer Valley Rock Art Center, formerly known as the Arizona State University Museum of Art and the University of Arizona College of Arts and Sciences, houses the largest collection of prehistoric rock art in the United States. Located on the western edge of the Scottsdale Valley, just south of Interstate 10, the site offers a wide range of public tours. Also worth a visit is the Hohokam Museum, where you can walk through the ruins of a house that has been left over from the prehistoric HOHOKam people. In March there are mariachis, who stroll through the museum galleries, as well as a museum tour.

Families on vacation in this part of Arizona will certainly spend time at the Arizona State University Museum of Art, where interactive themed exhibitions are held regularly. If you like the interactive art scene, you can put it on your list of activities in Scottsdale. Here are some of the different styles and movements of art organized in the "things to do" for art lovers in the Scotts Valley, organized by art lovers.

Museums recommend a visit to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoW), which had its first exhibition in the United States. The exhibition offers SMOW the opportunity to present a significant private Western art collection created by the founding members of the Board of Trustees. Artworks and objects have been loaned to support this groundbreaking exhibition, including works by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, John Singer Sargent and Paul Gauguin.

Similar to Scottsdale Historical Museum, the Tempe History Museum in South Tempes is a great opportunity to see the history of this small Arizona town. The ASU Art Museum is within walking distance of the University of Arizona, which means you can easily get there from Phoenix by public transportation, but it is not free. There are also plenty of free parking spaces available in Scotteddale, home to the Heard Museum of North Scottingdale. Free parking is also available at Arizona State University Museum and Library, both located in the same building, just blocks from the main entrance to the museum.

This small but mighty museum is a great way to escape the hot Arizona sun and admire some modern art. This child-friendly museum in neighboring Mesa has a variety of exhibits for children and adults alike.

One of the galleries is used to display works from the museum's permanent collection, and another shows works by Arizona artists. Phoenix Rising Tours is a great opportunity to return to the past with a guided tour of one of Arizona's most iconic art galleries. The latest exhibit at the Phoenix Museum of Modern Art, "Landscape Architects: The Art of Phoenix," designed by Studio MA, a Clifton, New Jersey, and Phoenix-based architectural firm, features works by landscape architects and architects from around the world. If you live in Phoenix Metro Station, you can also head to the galleries of the museum for a more intimate, intimate experience.

From November to April, guests receive free admission to the Phoenix Museum of Modern Art and Phoenix Metro Station every Thursday. Free entry to the Phoenix Metro Station is available every Thursday between November and April. Every Thursday between October and November and every Friday and Saturday from December to March, admission to the museum is free.

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is a great way to see local and modern works, and the Phoenix Art Museum is another downtown museum offering free admission.

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