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Inland Arizona has never been known for its seafood, but that is changing now that a California fishery has opened its first Arizona location in Scottsdale. Yo Pauly's has been flying under the radar for some time and now the Scottingdale site sells sustainable, never-frozen fish with dishes from poke to clams.

On the menu is the Sonora Desert with Arizona-grown Medjool dates sliced and served with fresh cream and pistachio crumbs. Trees like bones - grilled in ribeye with pecans and mesquite, sauces, salsas and tortillas are made daily from fresh ingredients prepared daily.

Not all of the experiences listed here are in partnership with Experience Scottsdale, but they all host events and events in the region.

This wine bar in Old Town Scottsdale is a family affair, as Maynard's father grew up on the farm and the wine from Merkin Vineyards, one of the state's oldest vineyards and home to some of Arizona's finest wines, is among the wines and incredibly tasty dishes on offer. The local food movement is on the rise in Arizona, as chefs use local produce from the growing season and showcase Arizona ingredients. Of course, every gourmet cookie in Scottingdale has delicious coffee and cocktails to match the incredible appetizers listed below.

You already know that Old Scottsdale is the place to go if you're looking for good food, but even those of you in the Arizona area who don't live in Phoenix or Scottingdale are worth eating here. If you stay at an Arizona hotel, even if it's only a few miles away, you'll know you've stayed in one of Arizona's most beautiful cities, and if not, it might be worth a trip to Scotteddale Road to enjoy some of the many restaurants that have put the Valle's restaurant scene on the national map. As talented chefs try to make a name for themselves and the excellent food they eat on the go, Scottsdale just happens to be the GOAL for many restaurants.

Local chefs perfect unique concepts and make Scottsdale one of the state's top culinary destinations. Butters puts a lot of effort into every single dish they serve, making it one of the best Scottingdale restaurants.

Service is always friendly and the restaurant's Arizona-focused wine list gives guests the opportunity to explore the state's offerings. Check out all the restaurants in the Valley that offer snack, delivery and dining services in our Phoenix Restaurant Directory. Sign up for our daily Phoenix email here and be the first to get food, drink and fun in town.

We've done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best Scottsdale restaurants, including some hidden gems. We have sorted them alphabetically by section, from restaurant to bar, but they are not mutually exclusive. There is no shortage of bars in the old town of Scottingdale that hit the mark at the end of a night out. Located on the corner of Main Street and West Main Avenue, this wine and wine bar and cocktail bar shares the same eclectic menu as the other restaurants on this list.

A variety of restaurants await visitors seeking a comfortable meal in the Pinnacle Peak area, but some reflect the variety of choices available in Scottsdale as a whole. From restaurants that embody the spirit of local seasonal food trends to places that have revived the culinary experience, here are some of the best restaurants in and around Scottingdale. The stunning sunset views of Pinnacles Peak attract many guests to enjoy their meal on the restaurant's stunning outdoor terrace. A varied wooden menu - with oven-style dishes, fresh seafood and seasonal dishes - makes this restaurant a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike.

N Scottsdale RdThe Montauk has already made a name for itself in the city's culinary scene - it's called "MontauK" after all - since it opened last year. Opened in recent years, Montouk is one of the most popular restaurants in the Pinnacle Peak area and has already shaped the local culinary community. N. Scottingdale Pink Pony is undoubtedly one of the most iconic restaurants in Scotteddale.

This Scottsdale gem is an FNB where the kitchen uses farm produce - fresh ingredients and culinary creativity to create appealing little plate ensembles. E. Stetson's DrCowboy Ciao has been a fixture of downtown Scottingdale's culinary scene since it opened in 2009, serving a variety of dishes from its original menu. Downtown Scotteddale's restaurant offers a wide range of delicious dishes, from salads and pasta to burgers, sandwiches and more. Call it "Dr. Cowboy" or "Ciao" for short, it is one of Scotteddale's most popular restaurants and a favorite with locals and tourists alike.

It is hard to deny that it is a pretty excellent restaurant, and although it is not for everyone, the food is delicious and the simple, simple cuisine, both upscale and casual, is really well done. There are many ways to eat and drink in Old Town Scottsdale if you're lucky enough to end up in this part of town, but we don't have everything covered, so look for your restaurant near where you're staying or staying. There are some pretty good places to eat and drink in old Scottingdale, but there are also a lot of great restaurants and bars right in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from my hotel.

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