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Located in the historic center of Scottsdale, RnR Restaurant & Bar is the perfect place to dine late into the night and plan for the near future in the Scottingdale area. This stylish gastropub is located on the second floor of the Old Town office building on the corner of Main Street and Main Street and is open from 5 to 9 pm and will be open until 2 am.

The proximity to the Scottsdale Center for the Arts makes the bar the perfect place to relax during the day and enjoy the Arizona Cardinals and Arizona State University game. There is a TV for $30 so you can watch the game, sit on the terrace or watch some of the best people in the old town.

We recommend this sports bar because it is located next to the grill on the 4th floor and is a great place for guests and locals to watch the big game while enjoying a delicious meal. Majerles Sport Grill is barbed wire-free and a perfect location for the Arizona Cardinals and Arizona State University football games.

The decoration is heavy on sports memorabilia and multiple TVs allow fans to keep up with the games. The great food, great atmosphere and great beer and wine list make this place a winner for every neighborhood.

Of course you want to be in the Arizona Sunrise Series, but you can't run at the Scottsdale Sports Complex and still want a medal and a shirt. I understand that things are popping up And then you can still But I am not alone in wondering whether he sees himself as capable of saving the world.

As a hard core of sports fans, I am attracted to the idea of owning a bar and a grill, so you might want to grab a beer or two, maybe even a bottle of wine or maybe just a glass of beer.

In addition to equestrian events, WestWorld also hosts a variety of other events, including horse riding, horse racing and horse shows. We need a way to keep children moving during their school break and do more than play video games. Our weekly themes are inspired to awaken the desire of campers who come every week.

Would you like to watch the game in an elegant sports bar, but where else can you enjoy a bowl of gourmet macs and cheese? This regional chain is owned by former NBA star Dan Majerle and is the perfect place to enjoy the big game with family, friends and colleagues - workers.

The Grille & Sports Bar is located on the first floor of First Avenue Lodge in Scottsdale, Arizona, just blocks from Arizona State University campus. Climb up the elevator and you're there, Pattie's First Ave Lodge, located at the intersection of First and First Avenues, a bridge that connects the east and west complexes.

Locals flock to the cozy - heated courtyard and dance hall, and the Suns players decide to hang out. Come here to play a pool game with old and new friends or just switch off and watch the big game. If the game is played mainly in downtown, you should be prepared to wait for a place, but if it is in Scottsdale, come here.

Blue Elose is characterised by its lounge, which attracts a steady clientele to the city centre with its excellent atmosphere and craft beer selection. If Goodwood is the best place to catch the big game, we recommend this sports bar, but make sure you have a drink before or after the game in one of the many bars and restaurants in the area.

Hangar Food & Spirits offers an award-winning bar with a wide selection of craft beers, wines and spirits, as well as excellent food and drinks. We recommend this sports bar because of the craft beers offered by Scottsdale Beer Company while you watch the sport. The extensive menu is group friendly, so make sure to book a group of friends before, during or after the game, and we recommend it.

The Goodwood Tavern in Old Town Scottsdale is the best place to cool off in a warm, vintage style with its expansive seating on the terrace. The ambience is relaxed - relaxed and cosy enough to spend a good evening watching the old townspeople.

The 4th Floor Grille is a traveling, friendly sports bar in downtown Scottsdale that combines tasty pub grill with friendly service. A new theme every week, campers will enjoy a variety of outdoor and indoor seating that can seat up to 3,400 indoor and outdoor as well as outdoor seating. The Grill is a fine sports bar and bistro serving food and drinks twice a day. WestWorld Scottingdale offers a wide range of sports and entertainment facilities for all ages and genders.

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